XeClXenon Chloride (laser)
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The slight difference between this value and the quantum efficiency (15%) appears to be attributable to the quenching of the B state of XeCl by C[Cl.sub.4] molecules.
The B-X transition of the XeCl molecule is of the greatest interest for the creation of an excimer laser with direct nuclear pumping [76].
Majima, "Formation efficiency of radical cations of stilbene and methoxy-substituted stilbenes during resonant two-photon ionization with a XeCl excimer laser," Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A, vol.
Gunumuzde TMR'de kullanilan ana lazer cesitleri karbondioksit (CO2), holmiyum:yttrium-alimunium garnet (Ho-YAG) ve ksenon klorur (excimer, XeCl) lazerlerdir.
After incubation of the binding solution, the microarray was washed in HEPES buffer at pH 7.4 for several minutes to remove nonspecifically bound protein, then the array was irradiated at 308 run with a XeCl excimer laser to photo cross-link the photoaptamer to its cognate protein.
The laser scanner/transmitter unit consists of a pulsed excimer laser (XeCl 308 nm, 400 Hz, 100 mJ/pulse), and a variable angle scanner.
A comparison of bond strengths of adhesively bonded SMC samples supports the efficacy of XeCl and KrF laser surface preparation as methods for improving bonding.
The gases evolved from SMC under XeCl laser illumination were aspirated into CH[Cl.sub.3] for examination in NMR.