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XEELac Edouard, Quebec, Canada - Lac Edouard / via Rail Service (Airport Code)
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Following Ricoeur, the xee maywe would be the main responsible in creating a narration with virtual experience of being-in-the-world, therefore giving rise to the fictive experience of time.
The recommendation of the xee maywe machowe is always in accordance to social, ethical and religious norms.
My profound gratitude to the town of Poxoyem, specially to the old ladies xee maywe who shared with me their invaluable knowledge, which I attempt to honor here.
Smith Stark (1999) ha documentado la existencia del difrasismo xee cilla --que traduce como "creacion, amanecer"-- en expresiones complejas compiladas por Cordova que se refieren a un dios "hazedor de todas las cosas" (hueni xee hueni cilla quizaa lao), a "dar principio a las cosas" (toni xee toni cillaya) y a una palabra eterna o "antiquissima" (ticha xee cilla).
Por otra parte, la estrofa 2 del canto 5 en el cuaderno 100 (AGI, Mexico, 882, 190v) anade otro nivel de complejidad a la caracterizacion de estas tres deidades como parte de un solo complejo al designar con el epiteto Ni Xee Lopa, "Inicio/El Eterno El Todo (32) 8/11 Rocio", a una deidad creadora designada como el padre de uno de los ancestros fundadores mejor conocidos en Villa Alta: Coque Yagchila, o Senor 1 Caiman:
Esta deidad --conocida con el nombre calendarico 8 Rocio u 11 Rocio, ya que lopa puede referirse a cualquiera de estos dos dias en el calendario adivinatorio de la sierra zapoteca-- (35) es designada como Ni Xee Ni Cilla (Creador, Iniciador) en la estrofa 3 del canto 3 (AGI, Mexico 882, 187v), y como Ni Xee Tao (Gran/Divino Creador) en otras estrofas del cuaderno 100.
Founded in Lille, France, in 2012, Xee creates value for its clients optimizing their operations and suggesting them new offerings.
Xee stands out from its competitors through the wide range of vehicle models and brands covered by its platform and the quantity of data collected and analyzed, said Philippe Sauquet, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at Total.
This funding round will enable Xee to accelerate the commercial deployment of its platform begun in 2016, invest to maintain its technological lead and expand the use of artificial intelligence to manage the data.
Yvan Gravier, Managing Director, Eliocity, said: This synergy between our companies epitomizes Eliocity s desire to make Xee an open solution that is useful for all kinds of drivers.