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Xena Warrior Princess: Orphan of war, Remember nothing, Giant killer (12)
She was the billboard's Xena Warrior Princess, firmly conquering the popworld with a string of number one hit singles and albums.
A LEGENDARY Irish warrior woman is to be brought to life by the actress who plays leather clad Xena Warrior Princess.
It even turned out to be a bit of a star-studded event as Catwoman and Xena Warrior Princess rubbed shoulders with an admiral, a nun (the chief bridesmaid) - and, well, a tree.
She first burst onto TV screens in 1977 as Dr Who's savage companion Leela, a forerunner to Xena Warrior Princess.
She selected colours for the dress based on a blue-and-red Supergirl theme but then drew on Xena Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman for further inspiration for the bodice and panelled skirt.
Carmel, 28, a sports science consultant and former stunt double for Xena Warrior Princess, left hospital with Jack yesterday.
The player said his wife - a TV stunt girl who plays the body-double of cult heroine Xena Warrior Princess - had felt the first birth pangs on Tuesday morning.
Xena Warrior Princess (12, pounds 10.99) - Sword and sorcery adventure with three unedited episodes starring Lucy Lawless as Xena.
Along the way there is the chance to catch up with Joe 90, The Champions and even Xena Warrior Princess. A blast for any sci-fi or telly fan.
Carmel O'Loughlin, 28, was a double for Lucy Lawless playing Xena Warrior Princess. She performed all the feats show chiefs said were too dangerous for the star to tackle.
And we've TEN sets of Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Xena Warrior Princess - both animated and containing hundreds of story paths - to give away FREE.