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XGNext Generation (radio; DARPA)
XGXenogears (game)
XGExtreme G Racing (video game)
XGExpert Gamer
XGExtra Glory
XGAir Mali International (IATA airline code)
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In the game Xenogears (1998), nano battle-suits known as "gears" provide player-characters with fantastic fighting abilities, while the game X-Men Legends (2004) features the uncanny heroes equipping suits of flexible "nanofiber armor" that might have sprung directly from an ISN drawing board.
There have been games that tackled weighty issues Xenogears and Deus Ex but even they shove the moralising to one side to get a better aim with a MkVBig Gun.
Yonis Jama, then 16, attacked Steven Siewlal, also 16, with two knives and a screwdriver after his friend demanded his Sony Play- Station as payment for winning a game of Xenogears.