XIRExternally Initiated Reset
XIRXtreme Instant Rumble Clan (gaming group)
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Data Temperature Company Model Capacity Range BuckEye Cam Apollo XIR 1GB to -32 [degrees] F Bushnell Trophy Cam 2GB -5 to 140 [degrees] F CamTrakker MK-8 4GB -50 to 150 [degrees] F Cuddeback Capture 2GB 0 to 100 [degrees] F DLC Covert Covert II "Assassin" 2GB -4 to 140 [degrees] F Hunting ScoutGuard 2GB -4 to 140 [degrees] F Cam Online SG550 Moultrie Game Spy I-65 4GB extreme Predator Xtinction 4GB -20 to 120 [degrees] F Recon Viper IR 4GB 0 to 125 [degrees] F Reconyx MC65 Solocam IR 4GB -20 to 120 [degrees] F Smart- Cellular Surveillance 2GB -20 to 115 [degrees] F Scouter System Stealth Cam Prowler HD 4GB -14 to 140 [degrees] F Wildgame Timber Eye 2GB 9 to 100 [degrees] F Innovations D6 Wildview Xtreme 5 (TGL5-M) 2GB 14 to 104 [degrees] F Low Bat.
GB Sunshine Glass Technologies is a newly established company under ECO to promote and sell high performance glass products incorporating Heat Mirror and XIR spectrally selective films from Southwall Technologies.
The Ultima XIR Gas Monitor is a microprocessor-based infrared point gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors.
Results of the program demonstrate that a test vehicle equipped with Southwall's XIR transparent, infrared reflecting film, had significantly reduced interior temperatures and would exhibit approximately a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy, compared to the control vehicle equipped with standard tinted glass, if the air conditioning compressor were reduced appropriately.
do 10 mu=1,m sgn= sgn xir (mu)=sgn/ (om*float((mu+1) /2) ) xii (mu) =0.
XirkleBot is a Telegram-based free, easy to use, and secured crypto currency wallet that supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), and the Xirkle (XIR) token.
In addition, the buyer will gain access to Southwall's proprietary XIR technology, which is a base material for Solutia's V-Kool premium aftermarket window films.
In honour of Nikola Tesla's achievements and his relentless pursuit of higher education, Xirkle is conducting a crypto airdrop of 1,000,000 XIR coins.
Within Xirkle's ecosystem, Xirkle (XIR) is a non-security digital coin, which was based upon SCP via the federated Byzantine agreement and created exclusively for ecommerce and/or financial transactions on Xirkle Store (https://store.xirkle.com) and/or other entities.