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ClarionDoor will provide a turnkey solution for Catlin that includes development of a branded user interface, rates, algorithms, and an ACORD XML web service for both general liability and commercial property.
This programmable XML Web Service enables companies to instantly validate and update postal addresses by using USPS NCOALink[R] to access the USPS COA (change-of-address) database, determine if and where a contact has moved and append the new address.
The virtual eHUD integrates with the lender's loan origination system (LOS) through an XML Web service, and can also work in tandem with Online Express[TM] and Online Express[TM] Web, plus other Online Documents products.
By decoupling security from application development, the Reactivity XML Firewall eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of custom security programming, infrastructure integration and security policy maintenance for each XML Web service application.
One way to think of how an XML Web service works is to compare it to calling a standard function, by making the call over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) specifying a URL.
The new DOTS Email Append is a hosted XML web service with a published API.
"Enterprises are continuing to see the incorporation of advanced application functionality like accelerated XML processing, XML Web Service security, and centralized access control into networks.
Debugging Production Problems in Your XML Web Service Published.
Enterprise software solutions provider Epicor Software Corp has launched Epicor for Service Enterprises, an XML web service for automating enterprise processes.
Livevol offers a spectrum of technology and data solutions, including a consolidated feed, real-time programmable analysis and scanning, historical files and back testing, real-time decision support, flat files, XML web services and other web components.