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XNORNot Exclusive Or
XNORExclusive Nor Logical Function
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Enterprise customers using Xnor will continue to benefit from their custom trained and highest performance models.
The release of AI2GO is a continuation of Xnor's mission to bring AI Everywhere to Everyone.
of electrodes 4 Positioning Assistance [check] Computing method Single XNOR cross-correlation Timing (3) Real-time v resolution 0.5 ms at 2 kHz ([ms@f.sub.clk]) (4) Application Fatigue OL MFCV monitoring Parameters\work [7] [8] Platform EMG EMG ASIC [micro]C Applicability X X [check] [check] EMG stimulation Voluntary Electrical Involved limb Arm Arm Num.
Jiang, "Design and Analysis of 10-Transistor Full Adders Using XOR- XNOR Gates," IEEE Trans.
Submitted on March 01, 2007 Accepted on March 05, 2007 After correction: March 09, 2007 Table 1: Distinguishable -vs- indistinguishable states [[psi].sub.1] [[psi].sub.2] XOR output 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 [[psi].sub.1] [[psi].sub.2] XNOR output 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1
How might the Mauthner system perform XNOR and compute sound direction?
We have performed neurocomputational simulations to give insights into how the underlying neurons might be implementing the XNOR function.
8.b shows the XO10 simulation waveform with V(A), V(B), V(C) as inputs generates V(XOR) and V(XNOR) as outputs.
The outputs of this circuit are obtained by using of XOR and XNOR gates.
The proposed full adder circuit is represented by three blocks such as module 1 and module 2 are the XNOR modules that generate the sum signal (SUM) and module 3 generates the carry signal ([C.sub.out]).
The modified XNOR module is responsible for most of the power consumption of the entire adder circuit.