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XM2Xperia M2 (smartphone; Sony)
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It includes the Xperia M2, T2 Ultra, Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z4 Tablet, and the latest Z5 models.
To make sure they maximize the best postpaid plans from Smart, users can choose from a wide range of the latest and best-in-class smartphones, including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the Sony Xperia M2 Aqua, the Sony Xperia Z3, the Lenovo S90, the Samsung Galaxy A5 LTE, and the Lumia 532, among many others.
Some of the devices in line are: Sony Xperia E3, Xperia M2, Xperia T2 Ultra and the Xperia T3.
It also launched Xperia M2 Aqua, dubbed as the world's most waterproof phone.
Celebrate Christmas by choosing one of the most popular smartphones in the market at the moment, such as iPhone 6, Samsung Note 4, LG G3, Samsung S5, Moto G, Samsung Grand Neo, Sony Xperia M2 or LG L90 and in addition, get the new Prestigio Multipad Color tablet as a Christmas gift.
SONY Mobile Communications has introduced in the Gulf the Xperia M2 Aqua, the first smartphone to bring Sony's popular waterproof technology to a mid-range price-point.
Sony has recently released Xperia M2 Aqua a water and dust proof phone for everyone that too at a standard price range.
Sony has launched a new smartphone, the Xperia M2. It features a 4.8-inch capacitive touch display, and supports two GSM SIM cards in active mode.
Sony Xperia M2 lands with 4.8-inch qHD screen Sony's new Xperia M2 comes boasting hardcore processing power in a slim, impressive-looking package.
Summary: At the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Sony Mobile has introduced Xperia M2, one of its four new products.
Its performance is on par or even better than some of the expensively priced Android smartphones which feature the same chipset such as Moto G 2014, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Sony Xperia M2, LG G2 Mini, Asus Zenfone 5 and others.