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XTGXpress Tag (Import/Export format for typography styles used by Quark Xpress)
XTGXtreme Team Green (racing)
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For in vitro transcription, full-length and truncated Egr3 construct containing Xpress tag at the N-terminus and DsRed2 at the C-terminus were amplified by PCR and cloned into BamHI and HindIII site of pRSET-A vector (Invitrogen, USA).
Anti-Xpress antibody detecting Xpress tag on the fusion construct (Figure 1B) produced a signal much closer to Egr3-DsRed2 live imaging (Figure 5), although the pattern was more diffused than that of DsRed2 live imaging.
Electronic data from Infomedia may be transferred directly into any computer (and is also available on other media), in a choice of electronic formats ASCII, Rich Text Format, Quark Xpress Tags, etc.) suitable for page make-up and other data processing requirements.