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He said in a letter of 1827 that "those people, perhaps they are few, are greatly to be envied who believe, honestly and from conviction, in th e Xtian doctrines: but really in the New T.
In this same letter he tells her that "I don't mind betting you will come to the Xtian belief [about Christ's Divinity] in the end." On 10 February 1949 he sees her moving ever closer to faith in Christ: "Adding to Pascal's 'if you had not found me you wd.
Do you know, I agree so passionately about common chit-chat that (as an Xtian) I often feel very guilty about the violence of my feelings!
Duties as the meanest, & are especially wanting, in my Parish I mean, in the duties of the Sacrament, nor will be made conformable to the Liturgy of the Chh, so as to bear a part in its service either by proper gestures or responses, & those who bear the denomination of Xtians, are 10 times worse than infidels." A decade later, Anglican Commissary James Blair did little to improve matters as the Aberdeen Scot did not incline toward sacramental piety for the antidote to doctrinal or behavioral laxity.
Christians EML/2/l/c: m LEB/5/290 title: LEB/5/290: t Come All You Worth Xtians. 1904 Lord Thomas FLH, 200-02: ct m 'Groom'.
(26) (Intriguingly, at some point during this period Pound seemed to have taken the idea of rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple quite literally!) Perhaps surprisingly to himself, in reading the Torah and Prophets for the first time in his adulthood Pound seems to have found much to admire: "there is no need for Xtians to pretend," Pound notes, "that I they wrote Leviticus I chapter XIX in particular," (27) with its (for him) wholly salutary social and moral directives: "the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.