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Xylella fastidiosa is a fastidious gram-negative and xylem-limited bacterium (Wells et al.
PD is caused by a bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, which is native to the Gulf Coast region.
Just like bristlecone pines, grapes are threatened by a pathogen, in this case Xylella fastidiosa. This bacterium, which causes deadly Pierce's disease, is spread by the glassy-winged sharpshooter, an insect that has invaded grape-growing regions around Davis, California, and elsewhere.
The real problem associated with the glassy-winged sharpshooter is that it can spread the disease-causing bacterium Xylella fastidiosa from one plant to another.
2006), is an exotic pest in California and an important vector of the xylem-limited bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa Wells et al., the causal agent of several plant diseases including Pierce's disease of grapes, phony peach disease, almond leaf scorch, alfalfa dwarf, and oleander leaf scorch (Blua et al.