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YYMCA or YWCA (Young Men's Christian Association or Young Women's Christian Association)
YYahoo! (Internet search engine)
YCorporation (IRB)
YIncome (economics)
YEconomy (class airfare)
YBusiness Class (Air Freight; also see C, Economy Class)
YYankee (aviation letter code)
YYen (Japanese currency)
YYukon Territory (postal code designation, Canada)
YY Chromosome
YBundeswehr (German Armed Forces; number plate)
YTyrosine (amino acid)
YLuminance (signal)
YConsolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symbol; now Convair)
YYotta- (prefix, 10^24 or septillion)
YYocto (prefix for one septillionth, 10^ -24)
YMale Chromosome
YYukon Standard Time
YSearch and Rescue Unit (SRU) Error (US DoD)
YVertical axis in Cartesian coordinate system
YUS DoT tire speed rating (188 mph)
YNavigational error of search craft
YPrototype Aircraft Designation
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Ward and colleagues had previously shown that two Y chromosome genes--Sry and Eif2s3y--are crucial for male mouse development.
The original DNA is on the human Y chromosome and codes for amino acids #80-86 of SRY, a protein that is 204 amino acids long.
The scientists have calculated an age of about 18,000 years for M242, based on estimates of the rate at which mutations occur on the Y chromosome and the average generation span for men.
Deborah Charlesworth of the University of Edinburgh says, "It is not rash to call this a Y chromosome or at least an evolving Y." The findings support the evolutionary theories of how sex chromosomes arise, she adds.
A separate study of more than 8,500 men with cancer and more than 5,300 healthy men also found that Y chromosome loss increases with age.
If this version of the Y chromosome was present in a significant percentage of his army, it could quickly have increased its distribution as the Mongols expanded their empire.
Scientists have also begun to study patterns in the non-recombining region of the paternally inherited Y chromosome as an alternative source of evidence to complement the maternal mtDNA findings.
Sperm can carry either the father's X or his Y chromosome.
The Y chromosome segments in the new analysis exhibit much less variability than DNA regions that have been studied in other chromosomes.
Comparing the sex chromosomes of six species, Hoekstra found that the XY females have forms of the Y chromosome unique to their species.
Over the course of evolution, the mammalian Y chromosome has degenerated so much that it now shares few genes with its more robust counterpart, the X chromosome.