Y-BOCSYale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (anxiety measurement)
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Los trabajos que han validado la version espanola del Y-BOCS confirman las buenas propiedades psicometricas de esta escala.
La convergencia/divergencia de la clasificacion obtenida con el CUDIATOC y las categorias del Y-BOCS (A)--cuya puntuacion representa el numero de obsesiones, compulsiones y obsesiones/compulsiones (total)--se muestra con los cuartiles Q25, Q50 y Q75 y el rango de las puntuaciones en las categorias de Y-BOCS(A) (tabla 3).
Overall, they scored low on the Y-BOCS and CIRS and did not present with other obsessive-compulsive symptoms on the CY-BOCS (Table I).
No other obsessions or compulsions were elicited on the Y-BOCS Checklist, and the patient scored 4/40 on the Y-BOCS and 1 on the CIRS.
No other obsessions and compulsions were present and he scored 8/40 on the Y-BOCS and 1 on the CIRS.
Mr RM did not answer positively for any other obsessions or compulsions, and scored 13/40 on the Y-BOCS and 3 on the CIRS.
For patients receiving EX/RP, Y-BOCS reductions typically exceed 50-60%, and post-treatment scores average between 9 and 13, indicating mild symptoms.
Mean pre- and post-treatment Y-BOCS scores for the EX/RP group were 25.
An intent-to-treat analysis indicated considerable improvement: mean Y-BOCS scores improved from 26.
They found that although the presence of major depression was not related to treatment failure per se, non-depressed patients had significantly lower post-treatment and follow-up Y-BOCS scores than patients with an additional diagnosis of depression.
The improvement of patients in terms of general functioning was also supported on the basis of symptomatic healing, which was measured by diagnosis specific scales such as HDRS, CDI, YMRS, PANSS and Y-BOCS.