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YCMDY-Chromosome Microdeletion
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ART do not increase the risk of Y-chromosome microdeletion in 19 candidate genes at AZF regions.
Screening of Y-chromosome microdeletion in Iranian infertile men.
In fact, ethnicity can be a determinant of the type and frequency of Y-chromosome microdeletions among infertile men of different populations (25).
Based on the obtained data, at least 12% of infertile men who volunteer for in vitro fertilization (IVF) need to undergo specific screening for Y-chromosome microdeletions. Therefore, health policy makers and insurance companies should cover the expenses of not only routine infertility care and IVF procedures, but also such additional screening programs.
Cytogenetic abnormalities and Y-chromosome microdeletions in infertile Syrian males.
Initially, the Y-chromosome microdeletions analyses were performed employing four multiplex PCRs using 2 sets of primers each and eleven simple PCRs using 1 set of primers for each sample in a thermocycler (MJ Research, GMI Inc., Minnesota, USA).