Y2GYear 2 Grand (2000)
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Y2G, which is only a year and a half old and just recently became a fiscally sponsored project of Earth Island Institute, uses a Google Maps interface to facilitate hundreds of such gardening connections.
We are very excited to have found an organization with the strong reputation and solid depth of experience of Y2G Associates to be our strategic partner.
In a recent Y2G Associates Report, entitled "Best-of-Breed and ERP - From Contention to Consensus," Y2G contends that companies integrating Best-of-Breed (BoB) solutions, such as Servigistics, with existing ERP applications achieve significant operating results with a rapid return on investment (ROI).
An interesting finding was that vendors considered "best-in-class" within their software sales operations were able to move the average sales revenue above the average $250K threshold while reducing their sales cycles much more aggressively then those selling at the under $100k range," said David Cahn, CEO Y2G Associates.
Viewers watching Y2G Centerseat Connection will have the opportunity to purchase FUBU merchandise, as well as any of the 10 million products available in Centerseat's e-commerce inventory, including high-speed Internet access, electronics, books and music.
Over the past year, the decline in cash flow fundamentals, improvements in operating performances, and gains in profitability indices are improving at a slower rate than market capital valuations," said David Cahn, CEO, Y2G Associates.
According to Michael Bittner, Managing Director, Y2G Associates, "We have witnessed first hand `the good, the bad, and the ugly' of analyst relations and have developed a specific, field proven approach based on the size and condition of the software vendor.
Company description: Y2G Associates is the leading provider of tools, technology and services that improve the performance of software companies worldwide.
Y2G is targeted to a very hip and net-savvy audience," said John Copen from Y2G.
IDT's investment will give it a 14 percent equity interest in Y2G.
FUBU Y2G is an expansive, yet exciting project that is scheduled to take place September 2nd - 5th.