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Y2KYear 2000
Y2KYou're Too Kind (Internet slang)
Y2KYet To Know
Y2KYear to Kill (movie)
Y2KYearn To Know
Y2KYes to Kids
Y2KYes 2 Kia
Y2KYear 2000 Kaos :-)
Y2KYou're Too Cute! :-)
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They lauded the progress made by the Y2K Schools in Education Sector and urged the teaching faculty to groom children to meet the growing challenges faced by the country.
Credit unions were not alone in their Y2K success, few problems were reported worldwide, and nothing significant enough happened to let the plentiful Y2K doomsayers say, "I told you so."
What this society needs to do is to put out an all-points bulletin for the guy who dreamed up the Y2K nightmare scenario and see if he has any others handy.
Fortunately, the example of Y2K points to an alternative to government growth and intervention as a remedy for the current crisis: Let private industry, as much as possible, provide for its own security.
Bruce realized that her company didn't have a business plan, and that she had simply been "riding the Y2K wave."
Y2K confusion was also accelerated by another factor.
It turned out, however, that there were few problems involving Y2K. The 21st Century arrived without major interruptions of computer systems.
The entry server market, servers priced less than $100,000, were least impacted by the Y2K slowdown with a strong growth rate of nearly 13 percent in 1999.
Since most organizations were not required to publicly report Y2K problems that they found and fixed internally, it is hard to tell how many Y2K instances really did occur.
Spent more than $25 million on software, hardware, and consultants to make systems Y2K compliant.
He had invited Michael Hyatt, then a prominent Y2K doomsday author who frequently appeared on Christian radio, to address the issue.
A persistent and popular rumor asserted that the government planned to impose martial law on January 1, whether or not the Y2K bug shut down systems, and that this was true because somebody's uncle or brother or dog had seen an undercover shipment of plastic road signs in a truck somewhere.