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Y2KYear 2000
Y2KYou're Too Kind (Internet slang)
Y2KYet To Know
Y2KYear to Kill (movie)
Y2KYearn To Know
Y2KYes to Kids
Y2KYes 2 Kia
Y2KYear 2000 Kaos :-)
Y2KYou're Too Cute! :-)
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Dobson was only one among many Religious Right leaders who bought into widespread Y2K panic throughout 1999.
The city's total costs for Y2K readiness and upgrades have not been calculated, city officials said, because older computer systems have been upgraded to Y2K-compliant machines regularly over the past decade and no outside consultants were needed.
Are Y2K remediation expenses reimbursable when they are incurred to maintain corporate "seaworthiness"?
What are the steps to take to assure that Y2K "contingencies," if they arise during the early part of the year, will be quickly addressed?
Bernie Khoo, vice president of research and information for the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, says few providers have availed themselves of a service on AAHSA's Web site inviting them to send in a list of medical equipment, including makes and model numbers, and get back a report on what is Y2K compliant.
The first section of Countdown Y2K deals effectively with the planning process.
President Clinton's Y2K czar, John Koskinen, claims that Y2K is the biggest management problem the world has faced in the past 50 years.
Most software Y2K fixes involve constant monitoring of the RTC to anticipate the rollover and then writing a 20 into the CMOS century byte.
This means that end-to-end testing of computer systems should be done, even if they are deemed Y2K compliant.
The EPA has been active in promoting Y2K compliance among operators, manufacturers, private companies and government offices.
That said, we know we cannot base an IPO on our being a company that relies on a significant portion of its work being Y2K projects.
Has the firm developed contingency plans for keeping these processes running - manually, if necessary - if any unforeseen Y2K event disrupts their smooth operation?