Y2YYellowstone to Yukon (conservaton initiative)
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Specifically, the evaluative study investigates the impact of the Y2Y programming on the attitudes and knowledge youth have towards drug use.
Wildlife corridors between protected reserves could help animals migrate throughout the Yellowstone to Yukon, or Y2Y, region shown in the map.
For the Y2Y Clubs to get support from DSW, we ensure that they are linked to a local community organization, which then becomes the focal point through which we channel support to the clubs.
The idea, say Y2Y proponents, is not to prohibit human use.
Armed with my sliding scales, I reconsidered the Y2Y proposal and guesstimated inter-park corridor dimensions that, in some cases, would be hundreds of miles long.
This thinking spread to Canada and Mexico and large bioregional or ecoregional planning exercises are now underway including the Y2Y, the Sky Islands across the southwestem U.
If science is moving toward a concept of connectivity, then we should go there," said jack Munro, chair of the Forestry Alliance of British Columbia, in a Prince George Free Press article about Y2Y.
There is even a new organization called Y2Y promoting this vision, using grizz range as a blueprint for what should be saved.
Y2Y's plan is to build and maintain a life-sustaining series of key protected reserves and connecting wildlife movement corridors, using "informed advocacy and science with a mission," in the words of Banff Y2Y member Bart Robinson, to accomplish this goal.