YAAPSTYoung Adult Alcohol Problems Screening Test
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Alcohol-related consequences were assessed using the Young Adult Alcohol Problems Screening Test (YAAPST; Hurlbut & Sher, 1992).
Another interpretational consideration concerns the YAAPST alcohol-related consequences subscales created for this study.
To create the subscales, we selected items from the YAAPST that reflected each of the aforementioned areas.
(1999), and the Young Adult Alcohol Problem Severity Test (YAAPST; Wood, Johnson, & Sher, 1992).
It has demonstrated good reliability (6) and concurrent validity in a general college student population; total score on this test correlated significantly with various indexes of alcohol consumption (correlation coefficients [r] ranged from .44 to .51) and with the YAAPST (r = .78) (7) (Maddock et al.
The YAAPST and NIAAA's alcohol consumption question sets also can be used at no cost; each measure is published in its entirety in the source documentation cited in the text.
Screening tools that identify problems experienced over the course of the person's lifetime include the CAGE questionnaire, the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST), and the Young Adult Alcohol Problems Screening Test (YAAPST).
KEY WORDS: undergraduate student; alcohol abuse; binge drinking; heavy drinking; AODD (alcohol and other drug use disorder); identification and screening; interview; motivational interviewing; CAGE Questionnaire; Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST); Young Adult Alcohol Problems Screening Test (YAAPST); brief intervention; peer counseling; professional counseling; literature review