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YAASYet Another Acronym Server
YAASYunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)
YAASYork Alcohol Advice Service (UK)
YAASYoung Adult Aquarium Society
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"Yaas, to be sure I do," drawled Lord Ingram; "and the poor old stick used to cry out 'Oh you villains childs!'--and then we sermonised her on the presumption of attempting to teach such clever blades as we were, when she was herself so ignorant."
Best Goalkeeper of the tournament: Jithu (YAAS Qatar)
"By tethering the story of Caspian Rain to its native Iranian roots, Nahai refuses her women the redemptive potential of exile; she witFAIRolds from Bahar and Yaas the mythic promise of American self-invention.
A translated version of "Porgy" in Gullah: Frazier: Un bin fuh shum 'bout pribate bidness, en' `e ax' me, "Mistuh Frajuh, you know dat black scoundul wuh hitch 'e goat `neet' me winduh eb'ry mawnin'?" Uh tell'um, "Yaas, Mistah Aa'chdale, Uh know'um." En'e say, "Well, w'en you gone out, tell'um mus' moobe on." W'en Uh gone out, you ent dey dey.
BOTKIN'S </IR> Southern Folklore, 1949); a typical one is: "Yaas, bubbuh, uh haa'kee, but uh yent yeddy"--that is, "I hear what you are saying, but I am not paying any attention to it." About this group Charles C.
Action from the semi-final between City Exchange TJSV Tea Time FC and YAAS Qatar.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) China have signed an MoU to promote the development oriented scientific research in the field of agriculture, and to strengthen partnership between the two countries.
Jean-Marie Bruzzese, Lynne Unikel, Patrick Shrout and Rachel Klein tested their Youth Asthma-related Anxiety Scale (YAAS) and Parent Asthma-related Anxiety Scale (PAAS) on a population of adolescents and their parents.
AJ AIAIA/JIJIJ AL YAAS (US yes--oed) / YLLS (hills--oed) AQ AOROA (New Zealand) / QOROQ AS AIDA / SIDS (Iran) AT AREA / TRET (both Web2) AV AOA (Century Dic.-the Banyan tree) / VOV (9th letter of Yiddish alphabet--Web3) AX AIA (ayah--oed) / XIX AZ AELA (Estonia) / ZELZ (Guatemala) (Poland) BE BIRB (a minute barb or BQ BANAB (Iran) / QANAQ beard--oed) / EIRE (Greenland) BU BEB (bib v.