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YACYou Available to Chat?
YACYouth Advisory Council
YACYeast Artificial Chromosome
YACYards after Catch (football)
YACYet Another Conference
YACyet Another Counter
YACYahoo Audio Conferencing
YACYouth Advisory Committee
YACYards after Contact (football)
YACYouth Advice Centre (UK)
YACYoung Archaeologists Club (UK)
YACYoung Artist Competition
YACYouth Action Committee (Canada)
YACYouth Activities Center
YACYouth Adult Committee
YACYoung Adult Conference (Church of the Brethren conference for young adults)
YACYoung Alumni Committee
YACYoung Astronauts Club (band)
YACYoung Astronauts Club
YACYuma Agricultural Center (Arizona)
YACYukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse, Yukon Canada)
YACYoung Adult Council
YACYou're Always Connected
YACYoung Artists' Concert (various locations)
YACYouth Adult Council (Young Religious Unitarian Universalist regional governance body)
YACYet Another Club
YACYou Are Cool
YACYoung Adult Class
YACYards after Completion (football)
YACYet Another Catfight
YACYoung Actors Camp (Claremont, CA)
YACYukon Arts Council (Canada)
YACYoungtimers Armorique Club (French car club)
YACYouth Artist Competition
YACYet Another Creation
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Artist Salman al-Malik, Chairman of YAC, said: "One of our objectives is to encourage and train young Qatari artists to promote their talent.
Recent statistics show that over 235,000 YACs in the UK aged 16-24 care for up to 19 hours per week and over 37,000 young carers care for more than 50 hours per week.
YAC members received extensive training to prepare them to develop a research protocol and survey tool.
Although affiliated with the community foundation, YAC members participate in municipal governance.
Developed in collaboration with a local art group called African Americans for the Arts, the game will be unveiled at a special YAC ceremony, free and open to the public, on April 29, from 4 p.
The event, held from 10am to 1pm, was part of the European YAC programme organised by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), he said.
Montana's YAC is unique, he said, and rather new, having been resurrected in 2002.
Tee Atkins, of Allsopp & Company in Summit, will serve as chairman of the YAC board;
Great hands, tough to tackle -- but not likely to run up the big YAC (yards-after-catch) numbers that puff up a quarterback's yardage.
Early chapters outline the basics of yeast cell culture and explain how YAC libraries can be generated from the genomes of pathogens and non-model organisms.
Oligonucleotides 321s 5'-AGA TGA TGA TCC CAA GCC TTC TGG-3' and 983as 5'-TGT TCT YAC AAC AAT GAT GAT G-3' were used as forward and reverse primers, respectively.
Over the years, dozens of LDAC (or YAC, as it was known before 2000) participants have gone on to serve in chapter, regional and national leadership positions within the organization.