YACSYet Another Community System
YACSYahoo Audio Conferencing System
YACSYoung Adult Cancer Survivors (cancer-survivor social group)
YACSYale Adherence and Competence Scale (behavioral research)
YACSYet Another Curta Simulator (VRML Simulation of the Famous Curta Mechanical Calculator)
YACSYou Are Correct, Sir
YACSYears of Active Commissioned Service
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The mobility of YACS crime groups emerged as another pattern that caused problems for law enforcement agencies.
In September 1995, Los Gatos, California, police officers arrested two YACS burglars and contacted the FBI's New York Office to find out if any YACS members had a specific distinguishing hair color and style.
Further, in December 1995, Saratoga Springs, New York, police officers apprehended five YACS burglars.
While these two successful uses of the central clearinghouse at the FBI's New York office show the effectiveness of collaborative police efforts, continuing problems in identifying YACS burglars led the New York Office to prepare a YACS photographic album.
After less than a year of covert investigation, the FBI decided it was time for a more proactive approach to countering YACS criminal activity.
When targeted establishments fit the profile of a YACS burglary, agents at the command post advised appropriate teams of agents and New York City Police Department detectives, stationed at locations reporting the highest incidents of safe burglaries, to investigate.
No significant activity occurred during the first two nights, but around midnight on the third night, investigators observed the leader of the second YACS group pick up two individuals in a rental car and proceed north on Interstate 95 toward Connecticut.
While the New York initiative unfolded, officers in other parts of the country arrested additional YACS burglars.
During the initial investigative strategy planning involving YACS crime groups, authorities discovered several shortcomings in existing federal laws, which did not adequately address the primary criminal activity of the YACS burglars.
In most cases, YACS burglars tamper with the telephone lines to disrupt alarm systems near the break-in sites.
6) Most major YACS burglars have no bona fide employment yet can lease luxury automobiles, purchase real estate, and finance expensive lifestyles.