YACSYet Another Community System
YACSYahoo Audio Conferencing System
YACSYoung Adult Cancer Survivors (cancer-survivor social group)
YACSYale Adherence and Competence Scale (behavioral research)
YACSYet Another Curta Simulator (VRML Simulation of the Famous Curta Mechanical Calculator)
YACSYou Are Correct, Sir
YACSYears of Active Commissioned Service
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Its report also showed that the physical and mental health of YACs was suffering with almost four in 10 (38%) reporting having a mental health problem and 29% saying that their own physical health was only "just ok".
Recent statistics show that more than 235,000 YACs in the UK aged 16-24 care for up to 19 hours per week and more than 37,000 young carers care for more than 50 hours per week.
Ballezza, "YACS Crime Groups: An FBI Major Crime Initiative," FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, November 1998, 7-12.
Thus, it allows researchers to experimentally manipulate large heterologous genomic DNA fragments, cloning them into YACs. Previous systems have allowed scientists to modify natural chromosomes or YACs without leaving a trace of any heterologous sequence, but those methods offer limited flexibility and are extremely laborious and time-consuming.
Aya Jakobovits and her colleagues at Cell Genesys in Foster City, Calif., first made two new mouse strains by inserting yeast artifical chromosomes (YACs) into very early mouse embryos (SN: 6/5/93, p.360).
The human immunoglobulin kappa locus on yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs).
One method involves mapping a series of large, overlapping genomic clones, such as bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) or yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs), to the region of interest.
In response to this request, the FBI created the Yugoslavian/Albanian/Croatian/Serbian (YACS) Crime Group initiative.
Burke put that knowledge to use and made the first yeast artificial chromosomes, dubbed YACs.