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YAEYoung Artist Experience (chamber music program; Canada)
YAEYankee Atomic Electric Company
YAEYoung Adult Encounter
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Yahia Omar, a member of the YAE, says nearly all competitors are the sons and relatives of current members, themselves drawn from the military establishment and other privileged circles.
The title suggests a solemnity seldom present, as YAE happily eats at McDonald's, watches soap operas, struggles with an answering machine, reflects on the female breast, visits a Les Brown TV show and a sex club, and tries to buy condoms.
As well as being a YA for YAE (the YA project covering the east of England), I am a trustee of the Young Advisors Resource Network (the YARN).
Inside the vehicle, registration number BK54 YAE, was his mobile phone and a sack of clean clothes.