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YAELYankee Atomic Environmental Laboratory
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Before we would always cram na parang we have a deadline but this time around, we started recording na rin," Yael shared.
Yael wears when James styles her: Purple beaded top, PS29.
Yael experiments with documentary and narrative styles in order to destabilize the form of dominant stories--the Zionist discourse which insists Israel is the homeland for all Jews and that Arabs and Jews are irreconcilable opposites, and the Western Christian discourse that marks Sodom as the original example of God's condemnation of homosexuality and other stories that essentialize identity and belonging.
We mourn the sudden passing of the brilliant artist Yael Avi-Yonah on 8 Mar-Heshvan 5773 (October 24, 2012).
Yael travels back to Israel, the land of her birth, seeking to answer a question that's haunted her since she landed in Canada at age seven: Who would I have been had I stayed?
Como todo libro, Constelacion de poetas francofonas de cinco continentes (diez siglos) tiene su propia historia: primero fue el encuentro en 2005 entre Veronica Martinez y Yael Weiss, quienes acordaron una cita aun sin conocerse, en la Place des Vosges, en Paris, para afinar los detalles del proyecto editorial que a partir de entonces avanzo en diversos sentidos: la bibliografia de cada autora, la traduccion, conseguir los derechos de autor, establecer un contacto con algunas autoras.
It's been a labour of love for food consultant Yael Mejia, who explains: "I arrived here two years ago to set up Baker & Spice for the owners and I wanted to work here like I worked in London, to concentrate on local, fresh produce.
The purpose is, of course, to build an Israeli settlement, called Givat Yael, which is to become the biggest settlement in the Jerusalem area," he said.
There were several meetings between a representative of our commission and an Iranian official in a regional context," Yael Doron told AFP.
Yael Sara Zofi is founder and CEO of AIM Strategies[R] (Applied Innovative Management[R]), a New York City-based consulting firm focused on bringing applied behavioral science techniques to managing businesses.