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People live in Nur, Sur, Cudi and Yafes aren't meeting their necessities due the incessant fierce clashes.
E[currency]IRNAK (CyHAN)- Security forces entered Yafes neighborhood of the southeastern province of E[currency]yrnak on Tuesday to remove barricades set up by the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as the curfew has been continuing for 24 days.
The clashes have been ongoing unceasingly in Sur, Nur, Cudi and Yafes neighborhoods.
Nur, Cudi and Yafes neighborhoods have been witnessing drastic clashes for days.
There have been intense clashes in the Nur, Sur, Cudi and Yafes neighborhoods of Cizre.
The clashes first broke out in Yafes neighborhood and spread to all parts of Cizre.
The police commissioner, Umut Tuncay, was seriously injured when a group of PKK terrorists opened fire on a police vehicle which was patrolling on ypek Road near the Yafes neighborhood on Wednesday.
A statement released by the E[currency]yrnak Governor's Office late on Saturday said a curfew would be imposed in the Sur and Yafes neighborhoods to ensure security in the wake of an increasing number of incidents of terrorism in the district and to aid in the capture of members of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) who were involved in violent acts.