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Yago said that even with an expansive new media world, war coverage was tighter than it should have been.
Cuando Otelo ve el panuelo en manos de otra mujer, amante de Casio, se convence de las mentiras de Yago, quien recomienda ahogar a la infiel.
Opacity is, logically, the obverse of transparency, and that's the core concept that authors Kurtzman and Yago had in mind when they created the Opacity Index.
After stepping back from daily operations, Benson (Levine had retired by this time) stepped in again in 1998, acquiring YAGO and replacing himself with Patel as CEO the following year.
The centerpiece of the institute's work is what Glenn Yago calls the "democratization of capital": the idea that national prosperity and world economic growth depend on increased access to capital markets and investment dollars.
Glenn Yago is a sociologist who is concerned about the decline in urban mass transit.
Tenders are invited for works of adaptation of the playground of the school of education of infantile and primary sanchis yago de castell de la plana.
Dutch-born Islamic State fighter Yago Riedijk has revealed details about his marriage to the London schoolgirl for the first time.
Begum married Yago Riedijk, a Dutch fighter for IS who surrendered to Syrian fighters and was being held in a Kurdish detention centre in northeastern Syria.
She may try to move with her newborn son to the Netherlands, where her jailed jihadi husband Yago Riedijk is from, and await his release.