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YAGSYale Anti-Gravity Society
YAGSYet Another Game System (role-playing)
YAGSYet Another Google Service
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Compared to EDM or ECM for putting holes in difficult materials, the YAG laser is faster and more flexible, and even large holes in thick materials can be done in reasonable production times.
In the auto industry, some are looking at drilling oil-feed holes in bearings with YAG to reduce microcracking and HAZ.
Another plus for higher-power YAG lasers is being able to use fiber optics for time sharing of one energy source between several work stations, or the ability to make multiple welds at the same time at a single station.
Richard Walker, vice president, Rofin Sinar, Plymouth Rock, MI, agrees that the move is certainly toward high YAG power, but feels the key is maintaining the same beam quality.
Their RSY 500P, a 500-W YAG laser, will soon be joined by a 1-kW model.
That, of course, is not good with robotic delivery, where YAG's edge over [CO.sub.2] is a more reliable beam delivery.
We used dynamic light scattering technique for the determination of the particle size of YAG:Ce powder.
To prepare nanocomposite, the YAG:Ce nanopowder was mixed with the MEH-PPV according to a volume ratio of 10:1.
The green YAG:ce phosphor and MEH-PPV polymer hybrid composite were dropped onto the surface area between the top of the LED chip to convert a part of blue light into green and red lights.
The XRD patterns of a typical YAG:Ce prepared by the LTC method are shown in Figure 3.
The distribution of the size of YAG:Ce particles was analyzed by using a HORIBA dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer "LB550." The absorption and photoluminescent spectra of the composite films were recorded on JASCO "UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer V-570" and a HORIBA high resolution FLuoroMax-4 spectrofluorometer "Microspec-235b," respectively.
After the NST treatment, the collected powder from the YAG volume exhibits nanostructured characteristics.