YAJYale Association of Japan
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Yaj Ceeb Vaj (Yang Cheng Vang) This publication provides meaningful and timely insight into the role of memory in maintaining cultural identity and traditional practices of the Hmong, in Laos and in the diaspora.
Yaj Ghosh and Bernard Oliver were unbeaten for Hall Green C in their 8-2 victory over West Midlands Phones B.
Walter Hay got the task of working on Lord Seton but James Gibson was sent, not to the laird of Ormiston, who lived within the presbytery of Dalkeith; he was sent to the presbytery of Dalkeith itself 'to desyre yame to send summe of yair brithring to ye Laird of ormistoun and (my emphasis) to complaine yat yaj tak nocht ordor with ye profanatioun of ye saboth be ye pladayis of prestoun and ormistoun'.
Jody Bevington, of Sports, beat Yaj Ghosh in straight games to share the spoils in a 5-5 draw.
In composition with preverbs and adverbs we find, e.g., dur-grbh-i- 'difficult to grab', d-tan-i- 'stretching out (to)' (tan 'span, stretch'), 'procuring through sacrifice; herbeiopfern' (yaj 'sacrifice'), and mahi-svdn-i- 'resounding mightily' (svan 'sound').
Originally the language teacher (Yaj Ceeb Vaj) and a couple of other stakeholders on campus were thinking more of an anthropological perspective on Hmong culture.
Martin George, Martin Clayton and Yaj Ghosh teamed up for Bournville C in a 10-0 demolition of Colebridge Hawks in Division Two.
rakset kanyam pita vinnam patih putras tu vardhake | abhave jnatayas tesam na svatantryam kvacit striyah || Yaj 1.85 The father should guard a maiden, the husband a married woman, and the sons a woman in old age.
In reality, however, Chao Fa specifically refers to a group of Hmong resistance fighters following the religious teachings of the Hmong leader, Shong Lue Yang (Soob Lwj Yaj) (Baird 2013; Hillmer 2009), also known as The Mother of Writing, in the sense of 'source' (Smalley et al.