YALSYoung Adult Library Services (journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association)
YALSYoung Adult Literacy Survey (est. 1985)
YALSYugoslav Association of Language Schools (Serbia; est. 1999)
YALSYouth Aware Life Skills (San Francisco, CA)
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My experience with libertarian student groups could be summarized as follows: talk was limited to discussions on how best to mimic other projects seen elsewhere (presumably ones advertised on the webpages of YAL and SFL), or on how poorly leftist organizations and professors treat libertarians and conservatives.
A quick digression: The students who occupied so-called leadership positions (including myself) cannot be blamed for YAL's failure to attract and retain actual libertarians (much less others).
Readers of Reason Papers are no doubt well-aware of this situation, so I will not delve into any details here, but I do make note of the fact that my awful experience with YAL can largely be blamed on the academy's conservatism.
The networking potential and the educational opportunities provided by organizations like YAL cannot be denied.
The YAL table positioned on the main thoroughfare of campus did not attract me to libertarianism.
However, there is nothing humble about calling attention to the worries of our ideological quadrant in the manner advertised on the websites of YAL and SFL.
I make these criticisms because I believe that the networking and educational opportunities identified above are ample, and I think that the public demonstrations of piety that SFL and YAL have been encouraging young libertarians to perform are pathetic.
As it stands, though, SFL and YAL have absolutely nothing in place to retain dissatisfied thinkers.
(3) SFL is more vocally skeptical of fusionism than YAL, but prominent members of the Republican Party still adorn its website.