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YAMYankee Air Museum (Michigan and New Jersey)
YAMYellowstone Art Museum (Billings, MT)
YAMYouth Art Month
YAMYou Are Mine
YAMYelling at Me
YAMYoung Adult Ministries
YAMYet Another Mailer (Amiga e-mail client)
YAMYet Another Modem
YAMYale Alumni Magazine
YAMYet Another Meeting
YAMYoungsters Against McAfee (early 1990s US hacker group)
YAMYa Ali Madat (Muslim greeting: God Be With You)
YAMYet Another Meme
YAMSault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada - Sault Ste Marie Airport (Airport Code)
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In the midst of bananas, orange, cocoa-nut, and bread-fruit trees, spots are cleared where yams, sweet potatoes, and sugar-cane, and pine-apples are cultivated.
Rice, and curry, yam, taro, bonita, of course, a big cake Toyama is making, young pig--"
On the morning after her arrival, the ship was surrounded by canoes and pirogues, filled with the islanders of both sexes, bringing off supplies of fruits and vegetables, bananas, plantains, watermelons, yams, cabbages and taro.
Skipper bent suddenly, rolled Jerry with quick toughness into the blanket, and deposited him in the hollow between two sacks of yams lashed on deck aft of the mizzenmast.
It began when the winter Rains failed almost entirely, and Ikki, the Porcupine, meeting Mowgli in a bamboo-thicket, told him that the wild yams were drying up.
And there were pigs and chickens on deck, and sacks of yams, while every conceivable place was festooned with strings of drinking cocoanuts and bunches of bananas.
Both, General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Lieutenant General Lindile Yam, agreed on enhancing mutual defence relations.
Audu said that the wagons in the train could carry 400 tonnes of yam from Minna to Lagos within 12 hours.
Asked to elaborate on that scene, Yam said in jest "Malambot 'yung lips niya.
Israel's renewable-energy company Yam Pro Energy reported on Wednesday that it has signed an USD180m MOU with Shapoorji Pallonji Group for Ghana.
However, they have not been scientifically tested in yam cropping systems in the region.
In a pan heat 3-4 tablespoons of butter and gently slide the yam slices into it.