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YAMEYou Are My Everything (song)
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In Yame, three people were buried under landslides early Saturday.
Akali yame sai yala toko latulum, enda yu pela wasana kekatalum.
Before World War II Mr Archer ran a very successful plantation at Yame in Bougainville and since his death in 1979 the F.
Clad in Yame Reis's brief white leotards, the dancers move with flawless precision, whether extending into stratospheric attitudes or balancing on their heads.
Hirata, a native of Yame, also in Fukuoka Prefecture, said he joined the army in May 1945 in Manchuria, northeastern China, and was taken to Siberia by the Soviet Union after the war ended in August the same year.
Walter Hay got the task of working on Lord Seton but James Gibson was sent, not to the laird of Ormiston, who lived within the presbytery of Dalkeith; he was sent to the presbytery of Dalkeith itself 'to desyre yame to send summe of yair brithring to ye Laird of ormistoun and (my emphasis) to complaine yat yaj tak nocht ordor with ye profanatioun of ye saboth be ye pladayis of prestoun and ormistoun'.
Around 3,000 people are believed to have been isolated in Yame, as roads to their residential areas have been cut off.