YAMOYouth Alternative Music Organisation (Ireland)
YAMOYet Another Micronational Organization
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Dialects used by indigenous people are also often foreign to the English or Tok Pisin-speaking health workers with consequent communication frustrations between locals and health workers (Yamo, 2011).
Andy Harris, Big Rob and Yamo have done a lot for the park over the years but all the younger kids need to step up and fight and help out to keep it.
Andreas membo ndika ita popi kombinga yiihole momikunda, ihe ota ulike onkalo yomomikunda niiningwanima yamo yiihwapo.
Customers work their way around massive displays while employees busily stock and clean and patiently explain to shoppers how to prepare yamo imo, nopales cactus, manzano bananas and cheri moya fruit.
Dr Victor Yamo, a veterinary at the World Animal Protection in Kenya, said Kenyans are not consuming enough eggs, despite the country being a big market.
"The houses predisposes the birds to respiratory diseases, bruises and injury of the breast and thigh muscles while brooding in such poorly ventilated houses using charcoal burners leading to further losses from water belly disease," said Dr Victor Yamo, a manager at World Animal Protection.-Collins OmuloHuman-animal diseases riseScientists have raised alarm over rise in spread of diseases among human and animals.
A more personal film, Rami Nihawi's mostly black-and-white "Yamo" tells the story of the Civil War years from the perspective of his mother, and her relationship with his father -- himself a combatant.
That's sage on the nozzle, with Rob and Yamo in support.
The tug Pacific Chieftain will tow, the YamO will steer and the Austral Salvor will assist.
Victor Yamo, a top official at World Animal Protection, a global animal rights lobby told the Star "modernising cap 360 of the laws is long overdue."
One of the unexpected surprises is an unassuming little documentary called "Yamo."