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YANKSYankees (New York baseball team)
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Dat overseer wuz a Yank too, outen New Englan', en anybody down South kin tell you what dat mean.
"Yank," the other had informed him, "yer a right dum good feller." This sentiment, floating to him upon the still air, had made him tempo- rarily regret war.
If there was a lever to be pulled on the disk, very likely it was rusted and refused to give unless he yanked until he was short of breath and his heart beat fast; four horses were so unruly and hard to keep in place; the gates were all so heavy--they were not easy to lift and then drag open.
He could only get it out of the Yank, and there you are."
The first intimation he had that he had been discovered was when his foot was suddenly seized, and he was yanked violently from beneath the hides to find himself surrounded by menacing blades.
The Yanks still build the same aircraft, under licence, for the US Marines.
Yanks will be responsible for the strategic leadership of Elliman's national marketing program.
We saw how much the Yanks know about "soccer" when they appointed a fellow American, who turned out to be a total disaster.
Most Yanks in the RAF served in three "Eagle Squadrons" organized later in 1940 and in 1941, equipped with Hurricane and Spitfire fighters.
Oliver's yank is invariably my wake-up call, a wake-up call that each one of us--daydreamer or not--occasionally needs.
This tense battle went all the way after the Yanks staged a late comeback but the English duo held their nerve to claim a massive point.
To mark the village's time under the spotlight, a 1940s themed event was launched in 2001 and the Yanks weekend was born.