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Karin Oelckers (1), Siri Vike (2), Henrik Duesund (2), Javier Gonzalez (3) Are Nylund (2) & Gabriel Yany (1)
On November 25, three Ukrainian Navy vessels, the Berdyansk, Nikopol, and Yany Kapu -- entered Russian territorial waters that were temporarily closed and began moving toward the Kerch Strait, which serves as an entrance to the sea.
The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on November 25 that the Ukrainian warships, the Berdyansk, the Nikopol and the Yany Kapu had breached the Russian state border on Sunday morning and later attempted to carry out illegal maneuvers in Russia's territorial waters later.
(1976), the principal molting periods include March-May, July-September and November-January, a feature that may be associated to variations of the condition factor (Yany, 1974) and the chemical composition of the abdominal muscle.
On Sunday, Ukraine's Berdyansk and Nikopol gunboats and the Yany Kapu tugboat crossed the Russian maritime border.
The incident in the Kerch Strait took place on November 25 when the Ukrainian Berdyansk and Nikopol gunboats and the Yany Kapu tugboat illegally crossed the Russian maritime border as they sailed toward the Kerch Strait, the entrance to the Sea of Azov.
"The Ukrainian Navy's vessels the Berdyansk, the Nikopol and the Yany Kapu, which violated Russia's state border this morning, made another attempt of committing illegal activities in Russia's territorial sea at 19:00 Moscow time on November 25," the FSB said, TASS reported.