YAQYouth Arts Queensland (Australia)
YAQYet Another Quiz
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Of the 5517 children who received parental consent, 5200 completed the YAQ.
The nutritional information was collected using the YAQ, a validated food frequency questionnaire suitable for this age-group; however, self-administered responses remain subject to error.
561, two-tailed, but it is significantly related to YAQ r = .
The YAQ shows a positive, though nonsignificant, relationship with age, r(15) = .
In 2004, psi scoring is slightly correlated with gender, but near zero with YAQ and age, although both are in the hypothesised direction.
In line with this hypothesis, in 2003, with participants who did at least three sessions, there was a significant difference between the swamis and the other two groups identified on the basis of yogic initiation level, which was corroborated by the significant correlation between the YAQ and psi score.
Assessment of Dietary Intake and Diet Quality: The Harvard YAQ was used to assess dietary intake.
Further, though we used the validated YAQ, the responses were self-reported and thus the estimation of vitamin D intake may be subject to error.
On the basis of students' responses to the YAQ and Canadian Nutrient Files, (17) we assessed nutrient intake, energy intake, and daily servings of vegetables and fruit.