YAQYouth Arts Queensland (Australia)
YAQYet Another Quiz
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Children decreased their intake of calories, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, and sodium over the intervention period when accessed via the YAQ or BKFS; changes in protein and added sugar intake were found in the BKFS assessment, not in the YAQ (Table 3).
the dead person as part of the large community of what we would call "spirits" and the Benuaq call esaaq yaq beau diiaatn 'invisible beings' and esaaq yaq aweeq unuk 'body-less beings.
The YAQ is a validated food frequency questionnaire suitable for grade 5 students.
In both years, the yogic attainment questionnaire (YAQ) was completed by each participant.
(H, 3) be-pregnant + NEG), (all PRESENT3SG in me) `(Whether I'm pregnant) (or I'm not pregnant,) (in any case, it's inside me).' (40) (Naruma toog) (di leen seetaan) (ngeen di (intend + NEG1SG stay) (PRED you watch) (AOR2PL PRED yaq) (li ma jota liggeey).
PESHAWAR -- Komal Khan will clash against her strong rival Nimra Aqeel in the final of the ongoing Qami Yaq Jehti Kashmir Women Squash Championship being played here at PAF Hashim Khan Squash Complex on Friday.
He disclosed that Qumi Yaq Jehti Kashmir Girls Under-19 Squash Championship is organized to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir who are facing atrocities at the hands of Indian forces.
Student surveys consisted of a questionnaire on physical and sedentary activities, mental health, and body image, and the Harvard Youth/ Adolescent Food Frequency Questionnaire (YAQ) adapted for Canadian settings.
KEY TO CLUBS - EV, Emerald Valley Track Club; TC, Track City Track Club; 2R, 2Rivers Track Club (Springfield); RB, Raising the Bar Pole Vault Club; CT, Crow Throws (Crow); Pre, Prefontaine Track Club (Crow); Yaq, Yaquina Track Club (Newport).
The Harvard Youth Adolescent Food Frequency Questionnaire (YAQ), adapted for Canadian settings, was used to gather information on usual dietary intake and habits pertaining to mealtime behaviours.