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YARAYukon Amateur Radio Association (Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada)
YARAYoung Australian Readers Awards
YARAYouth at Risk Alliance (Wesley Mission Brisbane; Australia)
YARAYouth Association for Reality & Awareness (Jordan)
YARAYet Another Recursive Acronym :-)
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Ato Motuma Mekasa, and Yara International President and CEO, Mr.
The agreement also includes a sale of Yara's remaining 34% stake in the Yara Praxair Holding AS joint venture to Praxair for an estimated EUR 94m (USD 106.
They paid their respects in front of a huge picture of 26-year-old Yara displayed between crosses of flowers.
The planned completion date is 1 June 2016 (subject to relevant merger control procedures) with a provisionally estimated post-tax gain of EUR 150m including the Yara Praxair Holding AS sale.
The CBI started preliminary inquiry based on statements from Yara and Norwegian prosecution agency Okokrim naming Maini and his son as suspects.
According to Laha Magazine, in a recent TV interview Yara said that she loves kids and would love to have a family, but can't do any of that until the right man has come along.
Following an evaluation of current new-build and time charter rates, Yara has chosen to build new vessels to cover part of its long-term transport requirement at attractive rates, meet stricter environmental regulations and maintain flexibility to serve Yara's production system.
Global Yara fertilizer deliveries were up 4% on third quarter 2011.
The deal is expected to bring Yara a gain of about NOK300m before tax in the fourth quarter of 2011.
The NOC was to transfer to Lifeco the existing Marsa el-Brega fertiliser plant then valued at $225m, while Yara was to contribute a corresponding value in cash.
Yara, one of the world s biggest producers of mineral fertilizers, said that despite yielding in the battle for Terra, it remained upbeat on consolidation prospects for the splintered global fertilizer industry, a hotbed of recent M&A activity.
Following the close of the transaction, Terra will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yara and will be called Yara North America.