YARLYakima Agricultural Research Laboratory (Washington)
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JETWING YARL will be located at Mahatma Gandhi Road (former Clock Tower Road) and will be flanked by several new development projects, which will no doubt transform the city centre of Jaffna.
JETWING YARL is among several new projects launched simultaneously by Jetwing in different parts of the country.
Commenting on the report, Steve Hewer, Serco Contract Director for the Yarls Wood Immigration Removal Centre, said:
My team of staff at Yarls Wood have worked tirelessly over the past two years to continuously improve our performance at the centre, often in challenging circumstances.
Significantly their report concludes there is no abusive culture at Yarls Wood, stating: we do not believe there is a hidden or significant problem of serious misconduct or inappropriate behaviour by staff.
I believe that the recommendations she has made, nearly all of which we will be implementing, should significantly improve the operations of Yarls Wood.
But while Precious was held at Yarls Wood, she became depressed and withdrawn and it was only when the X Factor show was on TV that she became animated.
A woman from the Yarls Wood Visitors' Group told me she can hardly bear to visit this centre but cannot turn her back on the men, women and children hidden from public sight there.
The family were originally due to be put on a flight last Friday but it took off without them and they were returned to Yarls Wood.
But over the weekend Jannatul collapsed at Yarls Wood and was rushed to nearby Bedfordshire hospital.
But it is understood she was released from Yarls Wood's custody.
Then, on Monday, October 14, the Kupeli family were dragged from their Gorbals home, handcuffed and "removed" to Yarls Wood to be returned to Turkey from where they had fled five years ago.