YARUYale Arbovirus Research Unit (HHS)
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He says, "Yaru Gallery is an art collective, it's a pioneer gallery.
More than 8,000 people are expected to attend the Asathappovathu Yaru Tamil comedy festival at the Indian School, Isa Town, on November 7.
The Bharathi Association will host a Tamil comedy festival Asathappovathu Yaru on November 7 at the Karnataka Social Club (KSC), in Manama.
Liebesbrand is a word Zaimoglu created, which means something like "LoveFire" or "Love-Scorching," and is a lexical translation of the Turkish term Sevda Yaru 1.
As Kuno and Kaburaki (1977) and Kuno (1978, 1987) show at length, Japanese has several lexical devices which represent the "point of view" from which an event is described, including the two kinds of giving verbs yaru and kureru: (1)
The broad goal of citation analysis is to better understand communication patterns within a scientific discipline (Yaru 1997).
Similar effects are achieved in other lines: "Yaru kaddurim belev bahurim/ gufot kedoshim tsavru homarim" ("and they shot bullets into young men's hearts/ the corpses of holy people were gathered together in a heap").
(24.) Gershuni DH, Yaru NC, Hargens AR, et al: Ankle and knee position as a factor modifying intracompartmental pressure in the human leg.
In 1965, Bob returned from Brazil to Yale, where most of the senior staff of the Rockefeller Foundation's overseas virus program had relocated and were establishing the Yale Arbovirus Research Unit (YARU).
Yi-Ming Liu* and Yaru Song, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 39217