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YASAYouth Association for Safer Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
YASAYouth Association for Social Awareness (Lebanon)
YASAYou Are Simply Amazing
YASAYale African Students Association
YASAYet Another Stupid Acronym
YASAYouth Action for Social Advancement (Bangladesh)
YASAYou Are Seated At
YASAYouth Alive South Africa
YASAYet Another Space Anomaly
YASAYouth and Sports Authority
YASAYoung American Stateswomen Association
YASAYMCA Aquatic Safety Assistants
YASAYouth Artist Summer Activities
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This partnership follows YASA's opening of new series production facility in 2018
class="MsoNormal class="MsoNormalYou were in a thriving career globetrotting but you gave it all up to establish YASA.
'Taliban have ulema [religious scholars] in their fold, too, so it will not be easy to convince them to renounce the violent acts,' Yasa said.
The relentless suicide attacks on Hazaras since 2002 have compelled around 70,000 affluent families to flee to Australia, Nordic and European countries to escape abuse and persecution in Afghanistan and Pakistan, selling off their houses and shops, said Mr Yasa, a Germany-based journalist.
Earlier, Dr Yasa talked about the overall political situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the challenges faced by the Hazara community in the region, the way forward and how those challenges can be overcome.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 1212 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 1212 0900 Yasa H Mehmet Murmansk TBT 1212 1159 BBC Vesuvius Sea Anchorage 1212 1300 Bor Feeder Tees Cont Term 1212 2000 City of St Petersburg Ustluga TCT 2 Sailings Date/Time Name From To 1212 1159 Graig Cardiff TBT Sea 1212 1159 WD Mersey WHP Sea 1212 1700 Princess Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 1212 2100 Nor Feeder Cont Term Rotterdam 1212 2359 City of Barcelona TCT 3 Malmo 1212 2359 Planet Ace TCT 1 Zeebrugge
Riyadh-based independent agency Bold Creative Boutique has created a new campaign for YASA International, a non-governmental organisation that seeks to promote a greater level of safety awareness within society.
One of the Buddha's first disciples was the son of a wealthy merchant named Yasa. They had met early one morning in the forest, by accident.
Spanning an area of 56,000 square meters, EACF gained recognition in November 2013 for producing the premium Siberian 'Yasa Caviar' as an exceptional high quality Emirati product.
Ihsan Yasa, associate professor of microbiology at Ege University, will test new nanomaterial that can be used to kill foodborne bacteria.
The slab was loaded on to the Yasa Eagle as part of a 64,000 tonne shipment and represents a significant uplift in the handling of slab through Teesport since the plant was mothballed in 2010, and one which has been achieved through a major investment by SSI.
Hussain Ali Yasa has Pakistan's citizenship and his brother retired as a Pakistan Army officer, the Hezb-i-Wahdat party chief said on Wednesday.