YASNYet Another Social Network
YASNYoung Adult Seminarians Network (religious group)
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(27) In the Zand i Wahman Yasn the idol-temple appears to be an antithesis of the good religion:
1913), 160; and Wahram i warzawand nam "a kay of the den (kay-ew i denig), called the wonderworking Wahram" (Zand i Wahman Yasn 7.5, ed.
Cereti, The Zand I Wahman Yasn: A Zoroastrian Apocalypse, Serie Orientale Roma, vol.
According to one version of the Zoroastrian theory of the ages of the world, the sovereign of the Silver Age was "Ardasir the Kay who will be called Vahman i Spandyadan [= Bahman son of Isfandiyar]" (Zand-i Wahman Yasn, 3.24 [p.
32); (part 4) the epic parts of the hymn, in which she concludes that the underlying difference between the early dynasty of the Pesdadids and the later one of the Kayanids is one of myth as opposed to epic, denying these stories any historicity; (part 5) the geographical references in the work; and finally (part 6), the name of the yast, which is Kayan yasn in the oldest manuscript (F1 and its copy E1) after kauuaem [x.sup.v]arano, the theme of the yast (the preceding yast - Yt.