YASRYoung Adult Self-Report
YASRYou Are So Right
YASRYet Another Screen Reader
YASRYet Another SharePoint Relief (tutorial)
YASRYour All-purpose Screen Reader
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0 IQ (range) 72-113 79-92 YASR Scales (mean) Anxious/depressed 63.
Long-term stability of the YASR is important, because we administered it at follow-up to measure psychological functioning throughout the time period of the study.
Cutpoints (t scores) on the YASR Internalizing and Externalizing subscales describe those higher than the 98th percentile as experiencing significant clinical symptoms and those higher than the 95th percentile as experiencing symptoms that are considered borderline clinically.
30) as well as significantly negatively correlated with the YASR Internalizing and Externalizing subscales (rs = -.
Maladaptive coping mechanisms were measured using three questions on the YASR about the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
Results of bivariate correlations among the two PBI subscales and the two YASR subscales reveal moderate significant correlations among all in the expected direction (Table 3).