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YAWLYet Another Workflow Language
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"If gentlemen kin afford to pay a dollar a mile apiece to be took on and put off in a yawl, a steam- boat kin afford to carry 'em, can't it?"
So they softened down and said it was all right; and when we got to the village they yawled us ashore.
"Suddenly, off Rattray Head, the yawl rolled over beam ends, came upright again and acting coxswain Alex Duthie took the lifeboat alongside to skilfully rescue the two men."
Also on the comeback trail is the Sparkman and Stephens 51--foot yawl Dorade.
This descriptive study used baseline data collected from the YAWL randomized controlled trial testing a weight loss intervention in young adults who were overweight or obese [12].
This suggested the need for the ability to develop an interface from YAWL to Odoo, so that Odoo functionality could be used in a YAWL workflow.
After the arrival of another local vessel, Gullock gave the repaired one to the crews from Aceh, and proceeded with the new vessel and the yawl towards Padang, fighting off an attack by a piratical prahu.
The two barges collided in the confused seas, and the Squads crew took to their yawl to save themselves.
(283.) Conrad began the story with the narrator, Marlowe, aboard "The Nellie, a cruising yawl," in the company of several other men, enjoying an excursion on the Thames river in London.
Anthony in the Mission yawl. I was taking three or four patients to the hospital.
6 stems may have been borrowed through Finnish, in these cases the Finnish word is borrowed from Swedish: jaala 'yawl', korp 'raven', murjan 'Moor, negro', norss 'smelt', rulla-(ma) 'to roll', topsel 'topsail'.
The NCIC code manual defines a sailboat as a "cat, catamaran, cutter, bark, ketch, lateen, lugger, pinnace, schooner, sloop, or yawl." In 2012, 42 sailboats were reported stolen, earning them the fifth spot on NICB's list.