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YAWNYoung and Wealthy but Normal
YAWNYoung Adults With Narcolepsy
YAWNYet Another Wee Noter
YAWNYet Another Weekly Newsletter
YAWNYet Another Waste of Net-space
YAWNYet Another Weird/Wacky/Witty/Wonderful//Network
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"Take a short nap ..even a 5-10 min nap can sometimes rewire your brain circuitry stopping the cycle of yawns".
A social media user equated the yawn to a brutal strategy.
Other theories put forth to explain the spontaneous yawn have included drowsiness, boredom, weariness and empathy.
"Contagious yawning, in which yawning is triggered involuntarily when we observe another person yawn, is a common form of echophenomena - the automatic imitation of another's words (echolalia) or actions (echopraxia)," the study said.
Judge Lawson also ordered Yawn to pay restitution totaling $628,539 to the fraud victims.
A passenger in a car called out to me without trying to stop his yawn.
Results showed that in Vienna people yawned more in summer than in winter, whereas in Arizona people yawned more in winter than in summer.
Matthew Campbell and Frans de Waal, both of Emory University in Atlanta, treated chimps' tendency to yawn when viewing videos of others yawning as a sign of spontaneous empathy.
ISLAMABAD -- People are less likely to yawn when others do as they get older, a study has found.
Individuals with autism or schizophrenia - which involve social skills that are impaired - exhibit less contagious yawning even though they still yawn spontaneously, explain the investigators.
Dare You Not to Yawn written by Helene Boudreau illustrated by Serge Bloch Candlewick Press, 2013 978-0-7636-5070-4 (he) $18.00 for Toddler to Kindergarten
Most people think a yawn means they're tired or bored, but scientists have lots of different ideas.