YAXIYet Another X* Implementation
YAXIYet Another Xena Inconsistency (Xena: Warrior Princess fan slang)
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Yaxi Wu, (1,2,3) Jinshan Ye, (1) Ruiwei Guo, (1) Xing Liang, (1) and Lixia Yang (ID) (1)
A group X axis Yaxis Z axis U1crown 7.96e-05 1.77e-04 -9.91e-05 U1root -4.00e-06 3.95e-05 -2.15e-05 U2crown 2.61e-04 7.26e-04 -4.01e-04 U2root -9.01e-06 2.68e-05 4.80e-05 U3crown -5.00e-05 3.10e-04 -1.88e-04 U3root -8.59e-06 -1.58e-05 -3.41e-06 B group X axis Yaxis Z axis U1crown 3.88e-06 3 .66e-04 -2.61e-04 U1root -5.44e-06 2 .69e-05 -1.35e-05 U2crown 1.50e-04 1 .17e-03 -5.91e-04 U2root -1.93e-06 7 .46e-05 1.01e-04 U3crown -1.08e-03 -2.16e-04 7.11e-05 U3root 1.06e-05 -1..59e-05 -7.67e-05 C group X axis Y axis Z axis U1crown 7.70e-05 1.82e-04 -1.01e-04 U1root -3.87e-06 4.01e-05 -2.05e-05 U2crown 2.54e-04 7.04e-04 -3.91e-04 U2root -8.79e-06 2.62e-05 4.65e-05 U3crown -3.69e-05 3.14e-04 -1.90e-04 U3root -8.78e-06 -1.57e-05 -2.51e-06 Table III.
2 Differences between pre- and post-sRPM performances (yaxis) across the four groups ordinally partitioned along last stage completed (x-axis).
Figure 6d depicts the thermal stability of a specific range of x-axis: 385[degrees]C-820[degrees]C and yaxis: 5%--45%.
Figure 10 shows the correlation between the width of the cluster (yaxis) and the number of passengers in the cluster (x-axis) according to the presence of obstacles.
Showing Glucose Levels (YAxis) in Comparison and Cases
The block group could be rotated about the x-axis, yaxis, and z-axis in block group coordinate.
The yaxis represents the measured DTT receiver sensitivity in dBm in each reception scenario.
The graphic expresses on the x-axis the songs listened to by the participants and the yaxis expresses the number of participants that chose that song with the video.
For the hard soil, it was observed that the maximum radial stresses occurred at the points nearest and farthest from the free surface; the maximum tangential stresses occurred at points along the yaxis. For soft soil, however, the maximum radial and tangential stresses generally occurred in the upper half of the tunnel.