YBCOYttrium Barium Copper Oxide
YBCOYttrium Barium Cuprate
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Key Words: Keithley Apparatus, Liquid Nitrogen Cryo State, Superconductor, Thin Film, YBCO.
The flux-to-field transformer consists of an YBCO superconducting loop with a rectangular shape of [approximately equal to] 10 x 8 [mm.
Durante las dos decadas pasadas, ha existido un gran interes en desarrollar capas superconductoras de YBCO para fabricar cintas superconductoras de segunda generacion [7], donde las capas epitaxiales de YBCO transportan altas densidades de corriente electrica del orden de [10.
Sediqeh Dadras, the faculty member of Alzahra University in Tehran, et al increased the critical current density of high temperature superconductor YBCO up to 10 times by using CNT.
En este trabajo se resumen varios estudios cuyo objetivo es determinar las propiedades termoelectricas de compuestos de YBCO, LSCO y LSCoO, los cuales de acuerdo con sus propiedades de transporte podrian considerarse como candidatos promisorios para ser utilizados como materiales termoelectricos.
National Laboratory says that the Oak Ridge samples performance is similar to that of the wires that he and his colleagues previously made of YBCO with randomly scattered barium zirconate particles.
Maroni, Reel-to-reel characterization of time-based phase evolution in YBCO coated conductors: the Ba[F.
The next-generation high-temperature superconducting wire, dubbed YBCO for its molecular configuration of yttrium, barium, and copper oxide, is another key DEW-enabling technology.
Soon after high-temperature superconductors (HTS) were discovered, one HTS compound, YBCO, began to stand out as the most promising for wire.
This layer of zirconia imposes the crystalline alignment necessary for the YBCO to maintain superconductivity.
Weak gravitational shielding properties of composite bulk YBCO superconductor below 70K under an e.