YBCOYttrium Barium Copper Oxide
YBCOYttrium Barium Cuprate
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This is made possible by development of the aforementioned superconducting material YBCO that exhibits superconductivity at temperatures as high as 90 to 100 K, permitting a reduction in the size of the reactor.
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Key Words: Keithley Apparatus, Liquid Nitrogen Cryo State, Superconductor, Thin Film, YBCO.
Common high-temperature superconducting materials include bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide (BSCCO), lanthium barium copper oxide, yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO), iron pnictides, and mercury barium calcium copper oxide.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers in cooperation with Korean colleagues managed to optimize the physical properties of high temperature superconductor YBCO by carbon nanotubes (CNT).
That goal remains elusive, but scientists have discovered some useful materials, many, including ones that go by the acronyms TBCCO, BCCCO and YBCO, are copper oxides.
Researchers working in physics, from the US, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan discuss Cooper pairs, superconductivity in highly correlated systems, the behavior of the Bose Einstein condensation critical temperature, the plasmon exchange model in carbon nanotubes, thermodynamic properties of point node superconductors, theory of the thermopower in YBCO, high-temperature superconductivity in carbon nanotubes, and magnetism and quark matter.
The YBCO conductor allows compact power for magnets critical to directed energy weapons.