YBDYargida Birlik Dernegi (Turkish: Association of Judicial Unity)
YBDYour Business Digital (Australia)
YBDYellow-Band Disease (coral bacteria infection)
YBDYouth Business Development (Oxford - Saïd Business School)
YBDYour Best Defense (Twinsburg, OH)
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Following the first three stagnant quarters of 2017, leasing activity increased significantly in YBD in Q4 after building owners offered attractive incentives, which improved the competitiveness of their properties compared to other offices.
A good example is Three IFC in YBD, which secured several local and foreign tenants, including a law firm and several financial companies over the past several months.
While it is well known that coral diseases such as YBD and WPII are caused by bacteria, there is still uncertainty about environmental and biological stressors that may influence how pathogenic bacteria are transmitted between corals.
Specifically, it was aimed to assess the relationship between the presence of YBD and WPII on stony corals (Orbicella and Montastraea) with 1) water depth and 2) abundance of poriferan sponges in 1-meter radius.
However, very few studies have been made on the quality characteristics of dry-cured hams from three-way crossbreeds: YLD and YBD. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the influence of crossbreeding on the quality traits of dry-cured ham, as well as acceptability of dry-cured hams produced from these pigs.
Just as a doctor can diagnose chicken pox by the small, round bumps on skin, scientists can spot the characteristic markings of YBD. The affliction etches a swath of pale yellow or white lesions along the surface of an infected coral colony.
Researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have reported isolating the bacteria that cause YBD: a group of four new Vibrio species, which combine with existing Vibrio on the coral to attack the zooxanthellae, which are the photosynthetic symbionts of corals.