YBHPatriotic Unity Movement (Turkish Cypriot Area)
YBHYurtsever Birlik Hareketi (Turkish: Patriotic Union Movement)
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Aside from the dormitory, the YBH - through Angat Buhay - also donated weaving looms to the Yakan weaving community in Brgy.
Since then, the YBH Foundation has donated close to 4,500 boats around the Philippines.
Seeing Jaboneta's work with YBH, Aguilar asked him to help form a group called Water's World.
Since Rukmani reproduced the texts not only of the Vivarana, but also of the YS and YBh from the 1952 edition, her work inherits the same problem as the 1952 edition: the texts of the YS and the YBh are inconsistent with what the Vivarana-kara was commenting on.
The 1952 edition had portions of the YBh printed on the same page as the corresponding Vivarana, allowing quick comparison of the texts.
It might just be that the Vivarana-kara did not have much interest in such passages, but felt obliged to include every word from the YS and the YBh, because that was what he had determined to do.
There are five instances of the word anye/anyesam in the Vivarana--two of which refer to variant readings of the mula text, while the others refer to alternative interpretations of the YBh. She thinks all of them refer to the text held by Vacaspati or the interpretations offered by him.
Davidson folgt Wayman auch darin, dass er das Samdhinirmocanasutra fur alter halt als die YBh, und den Mahayanasutralamkara fur alter als die Viniscayasamgrahani.
Therefore, the "Maitreya," as author of the YBh in the Chinese canon, amounts to an alternate reference to Asanga.
He alludes to the different usages of asrayaparivrtti in his "English Summary," and concludes, "As we have shown in the above, the Asrayaparivrtti theory in the YBh has many layers." However, there is no way that Sakuma can interpret such findings of different usages to claim that it proves multiple authors of the YBh.
However, one recent essay should be mentioned because it bears on the authorship of the YBh. Prompted by a seminar on Buddhist Sanskrit at Sarnath, Varanasi, India, my essay(5) sets forth the kind of Sanskrit that is in the so-far edited Sanskrit of the YBh as a kind of hybrid.