YBMYour Balloon Man
YBMYellow Bellied Marmot (Marmota flaviventris)
YBMYayasan Bina Mandiri (Indonesian medical support organization)
YBMYemen Business Machines Co., Ltd. (IBM Corp.)
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The NAB has accused YBM of appointing 200 those employees who did not meet the criteria as they were overage having education degree of the third division.
Six gilt bronze objects of this type were found in the accompanying burial pit associated with the grave of the Xiao king of Liang's wife at Bao'anshan (YBM: 1, 12-14, 19, 20, D 7 cm [YBM: 1], D 4 cm [YBM: 12-14, 19, 20]; Henansheng wenwu yanjiusuo and Yongchengxian wenwu guanli weiyuanhui 1992: 135 figs.
The new YBM 640V3 simplifies muold making in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, defense and more, as well as the production of electronic, optical and other extremely complex components.
YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Malaysia's former Finance Minister and now the country's longest-serving law-maker, began the lecture series.
Important to note: The Yasda YBM 640V3 performs high-speed, precision boring and milling for mold, die and complex component manufacturing, with accuracy and rigidity intended to almost eliminate any need for hand polishing.
YBM shares ceased to trade in May 1998 after it became the subject of a criminal fraud investigation in the United States.
Regulators in Canada want to protect investors and rebuild domestic and international confidence in Canada's capital markets in light of Canada's own corporate scandals, including Bre-X Minerals, YBM Magnex, Nortel Networks, and others.
YBM Magnex appealed the ITC's decision to the Federal Circuit, arguing that the ITC's interpretation of Maxwell directly conflicted with both Federal Circuit and Supreme Court precedent.
The OSC had a perfect opportunity to show that they were going to be tough with irresponsible directors in the recent YBM Magnex case--in which a company created by people allegedly connected with the Russian mafia raised millions on the TSE and then disappeared.
Richard Finlay, founder of the Centre for Corporate and Public Governance in Toronto, pointed out in a Globe and Mail article that directors of Confederation Life, Royal Trustco, Bre-X, YBM Magnex, and Livent Inc.
Not that Canada has been unaffected with stellar examples of its own, for example Bre-X and YBM. All of these examples raise different, yet troubling questions about boards of directors' performance in light of alleged management incompetence, fraud or just poor governance that has or may cost shareholders billions of dollars.
YBM Sisa has teamed with National Geographic to release a publication to mark the transformation of Korea into a modern state at the turn of the 20th century.