YBTYoung Black Teenagers (rap group)
YBTYoga Biomedical Trust (London, England, UK)
YBTYoung Business Talents (Netherlands)
YBTYeshiva B'nei Torah (Far Rockaway, NY)
YBTYoung Broomie Team
YBTYou've Been Trolled
YBTYolla Bolly Terrane
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For the group of sedentary group the YBT average on left leg is 80.58 cm and 87.86 cm on right leg.
The YBT difference for active and sedentary females on left leg is 1.52 cm and 0.66 for right leg (table 6).
Dynamic postural balance analyzed by YBT for males indicates different issues.
Dynamic postural balance analyzed by YBT for females indicates more asymmetry than males.
Table 1 YBT LQ for anterior reach males Stance Parameters Active Leg Males Balance N=46 Left leg M [+ or -] DS(cm) 74.40 [+ or -] 7.55 Cv% 10.11 Right leg M [+ or -] DS(cm) 73.37 [+ or -] 4.94 Cv% 9.05 p <0.05 P critic 5.13 F 1.33 Dif.
The YBT's Yoga Therapy Diploma involves two years' part-time study.
On completion of the course students will become accredited YBT yoga therapy practitioners.
SAN and YBT each had four of the five species and CR had three species present.
Using local observer reports it was previously shown (Eddy & Judd 2003) that there was less than 1.0 cm difference in monthly rainfall total of the SAN and YBT sites in all months of this study.
In guajillo, 63.1% of the increase in branch length occurred in November, December and January at the YBT site and 69.1% of the growth occurred in these same three months at the SAN site.
At the YBT site growth was concentrated in November, April, May and August, while at the SAN site growth was greatest in December and April.
The SAN site had greater mean branch elongation than the YBT site (t = 2.166, 18 df, P < 0.05) and the CR site had a greater mean than either the SAN site (t = 2.996, 18 df, P < 0.01), or the YBT site (t = 4.050, 18 df, P < 0.001).