YBaCuOYttrium Barium Copper Oxide
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A long exposure of the optimally doped single crystals of YBaCuO in air atmosphere has been found to lead to an incomplete degradation of their conductive properties and to the appearance of effective scattering centers for the charge carriers.
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The molecular formula for YBaCuO superconductors includes six to seven oxygen atoms.
The proportion of two copper-oxygen arrangements, which the Danish researchers correlate with two observed transition temperatures in the YBaCuO materials, shifts with changes in the amount of oxygen in the compounds.
showed that thin films of yttrium barium copper oxide (YBaCuO) can maintain large electrical currents without any measurable degradation.
The Bellcore-Rutgers researchers use a pulsed excimer laser to deposit a superconducting thin film of yttrium-barium-copper oxide (YBaCuO), then a nonsuperconducting layer of praseodymium-barium-copper oxide (PrBaCuO), and then another layer of YBaCuO to build the devices.