YCARYork Centre for Asian Research (York University; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
YCARYolo County Association of Realtors (Woodland, CA)
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However, even compared to homes in census tracts with similar poverty levels, foreclosed homes show higher vacancy rates than others ycars after the auction.
Even though leaders may have worked with staff or board members for a number of ycars, listening carefully is even more essential during troubled times--in part bee:rose staff or board members may not always clearly articulate their concerns or may be hesitant to say what's on their minds.
LOGIT Total Separations Parameter Marginal Independent Variable Estimate Effect [a] Intercept 1.559 [***] 0.297 (0.34) Profit-Sharing -0.272 [***] -0.051 (0.09) Log of Hourly Real Wages Education (Years of Schooling) -0.023 -0.004 (0.02) Work Experience (Years) -0.044 [***] -0.008 (0.01) Tenure (Ycars) -0.348 [***] -0.039 [c] (0.09) [b] Tenure [2] (Years) 0.016 [***] c (0.003) Log of Plant Size (Employees) -0.107 [***] -0.020 (0.02) Married or with Partner -0.179 [**] -0.034 (0.08) Lives in SMSA 0.083 0.016 (0.10) AFQT Test Score (Percentile) -0.002 -0.0004 (0.002) Local Unemployment Rate -0.087 [*] -0.017 (0.05) No.
For C corporations that fail the $5 million test, the change is required to be made for the first year for which average annual gross rcceipts for the thrce prior ycars exceed $5 million.